Tsurumi PL & PN Solids Handling Pumps - Exact size as Aquascape Pro - Free Shipping on Pumps!

Tsurumi Pump PL Series| Aquascape Pond Pumps

Tsurumi PL & PN Solids Handling Pumps
- Exact size as Aquascape Pro - Free Shipping on Pumps!

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The PL and PN Series pumps are known for durability, performance and value. The semi-vortex impeller design enables the pump to efficiently and effectively handle solids,resulting in less maintenance and trouble free performance. The built-in thermal overload protects the pump from damage if ever run in low water conditions.Ideal for use in Aquascape and other skimmer and fall filter systems, as well as Pondless Waterfall Vaults.

  • Ideal for use in skimmer filters and Pondless Waterfall applications
  • Semi-vortex solids handling impeller reduces clogging and decreases maintenance
  • Energy efficient, continuous duty motor operates at lower temperatures which extends pump life
  • Constructed of stainless steel and composite resin for strength and corrosion resistance

We also have the maintenance kits for the Tsurumi pumps so you can change/add oil to the pump (not needed in the first few years). It will have simple instructions. The pump should be stored in water to assure that the seals do not dry out, but should be started while still submerged in the water for a few seconds during the winter months so the barrier between the seals and shaft do not fuse together. Both Kits come with a replacement oil plug. 

Click Accessories to find all maintenance products for these pumps. 

Hydraulically engineered for the lower total dynamic head ranges typically found on water feature applications, helping increase the lifespan of the pump by reducing vibration and premature component wear. 

Ease of Installation. Horizontal design provides perfect fit in our filters. Same discharge height as the AquascapePRO pump series allows pumps to be interchanged without plumbing modification. (Tsurumi 9PL is 3" wider than the Aquascape Pro 7500 and if necessary to fit, approximately 3/4" can be shaved off the plastic intake - 14 15/16" W x 6 11/16" H x 9 5/8" W) 

* Low horizontal profile helps ensure the motor is fully submerged for proper cooling.

Large 1.5" intake handles bigger solids and reduces maintenances over the current Tsurumi PN and AquascapePRO pumps. 

Electrical Efficiency These energy efficient pumps are designed for continuous duty applications and will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Same discharge height as the AquascapePRO series allows pumps to be interchanged without plumbing modification


We have a Tsurumi 9-PL Pump for our waterfall. We want to shut the waterfall down for 3 months when we go away. Since we will not be home we cannot turn the pump on for 3 months. Is there any other way to store the pump so that the barrier between the seal and the shaft do not fuse together?

Aquascape Tech Answer:

That shouldn't be an issue. Per Tsurumi, we recommend rinses the pump off, clearing it of any debris, drying off & storing in a frost-free location to overwinter.

View the PDF for complete operating instructions.

View PDF Info Sheet


Horizontal Tsurumi pond pump fits into any installation using the current Aquascape Pro pumps.

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